Format Painter

 Computer Tips 4 Writers

What's that little brush for? 

A handy feature for formatting text is the Format Painter located on the Standard tool bar. For example, if you have formatted a chapter title with a certain font face, size, and style and you want to format another the same way, you do not need to manually add each attribute to the new headline. Instead, use the Format Painter by following these steps:

 1. Place the cursor within the text that contains the formatting you want to copy. 

2. Click the Format Painter button in the standard tool bar. Notice that your pointer now has a paintbrush beside it. Highlight the text you want to add the same format to with the mouse then release the mouse button. 

Tip: To add the formatting to multiple selections of text, Double-click the Format Painter button instead of clicking once. The format painter then stays active until you press the ESC button on your keyboard, or click the Format Painter button again.


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