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I've got to change what how many times?

 Find & Replace is one of the best tools for writers. With this we can seek and destroy those overused words or phrases, adverbs, adjectives, qualifiers, exclamation marks, etc. If you decide to change something like a character’s name, this is the easy way to do it.

Click Edit on the Menu Bar and select Find…, Replace…, or Go To… Or press Ctrl + f on your keyboard.


This opens the Find and Replace dialog box.


The dialog box has 3 tabs: Find, Replace, and Go To. Use Find to find a word or phrase in your document; use Replace if you want to replace that text with something else. The Go To tab lets you jump to a specific page, section, line, etc. in your document.

Tip: Press Ctrl + h on your keyboard to open the dialog to the Replace tab, or Ctrl + g to open it to the Go To tab.



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