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2012 Activities

The logo for Computers West states "Technology has no age limit".  We start the year 2012 with an expanded vocabulary.  Words and  applications unknown a short time ago are now common to us :  cloud computing, lap tops, WIFI, iPad, touch screens, search engines, tablets, smart phones. We are in an information age and there is so much we can learn and enjoy.  Let us resolve to make use of the things that Computers West offers to expand our knowledge of the programs and applications that are available to us.
 Computers West continues to provide its members with the latest advances in computer technology. Members have access to information regarding all club activities , classes and presentations through Random Access the club's newsletter. Random Access can be viewed on line at: http://www/computerswest.org.
 Below is a list of the CW Board Members:
President                       Charles Horton
Vice President               Bruce Merrihew
Secretary                         Sharon Service
Treasurer                         Karen Flores
Random Access Editor    Bruce Merrihew
Webmaster  CW                Bruce Merrihew
Room Coordinator             Hazel Swailes
Monitor Chairpersons         Lilla  Benoit & Red Benoit
Monitor Scheduler               Nancy Owen
PC Chairperson                  Bob Kelling
Mac Chairperson                Wally Bock
Membership Chairperson   Eva Weisberg
Office Manager                    Eva Weisberg
Member at Large                 Jim Healy
Publicity/Cell phones           Linda Victor
Treasurer Assistant              Bud Armstrong
Safety Chairperson              James West
Historian                                 Anne Breza
Parliamentarian                     Barbara Horton
Monitors make it possible to keep the CW office open for use by members from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 p.m. and the importance of Monitors cannot be underestimated.  A Monitor Training Luncheon was held on January 21, 2012 offering training and refresher class for Monitors.  Monitor responsibility means devoting just 4 hours of your time once a year to keep the CW Club open for member's use. The Monitor calendar is accessible for scheduling and sign up on the CW Web Site.: www.computerswest.org.
The Help Group, one of CW's most valued services , is available from 8 am to10 am on Wednesday and Friday to help with your personal computer problems.  We are grateful to these very special experts who save us time and money with repairs and instruction.
Mac West gave presentations on the iPad on February 17 and 21, 2012. These presentations on a new Apple product were open to all Sun City West residents. Classes are planned for April and again in the Fall.
Membership of CW rose to 1304 members as of February, 2012.
At the CW General meeting in April, members who have monitored during  2011 were recognized for their contribution to the club with gold, silver and copper stars to be worn on their lanyards. The number of days of service ranged from 2 times during the year to the all star total of 45 times.  Those who monitored 2 times were presented with teal lanyards.
The service of our monitors to CW cannot be underestimated.  Without them our doors would be closed.  Members are urged to monitor, especially during our summer schedule when many of our group are out of town.  Club hours during June, July and August will be from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Although classes are limited at this time, events and learning and sharing continue throughout the summer.  The Help Group will be available on Wednesdays from 8:00 to 10:00 am.
The PC group will replace eleven computers in Room B during the summer.
CW members are encouraged to access our web site:  www.computerswest.org for all current club information.  With the rapid advances in technology, new classes and discussion groups, listed by dates, instructors and room location are listed on the www.computerswest.org for PC and Macs West. To accommodate these new programs, fourteen new computers were installed in Room B during the summer.  A new projector was also added for class use. Sign up books for the various classes are in Room A.  Classes not requiring sign-up are held in the Palo Verde Room.
 Computers West is on its regular schedule for members use:  from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday.  The Help Group is also available from 8:00 am to10 :00 am on Wednesday and Friday.  Those needing help with their computers must sign in by 8:30 am.  While waiting for one's turn to have help with computer problems, members may receive hands-on Monitor training in Room B.  Members are urged to sign up for Monitor duty.  It is only through the willingness of members to serve as monitors that Computers West is open for our instruction, information and help with our computer problems. Sign up to monitor is also made easy on our website under Monitor schedule. For a quick " refresher", Online Monitor Training is available on our website: www.computerswest.org/.
The PC Board approved a $5.00 reduction, effective 2014, in group fees to $20.00 yearly. The Board also approved the purchase of 8 new computers for use in Room B.
As a sponsor for"Cell Phones for Soldiers", Computers West has reached 8,353 phones included a donation from Credit Union West of 396 phones. The donated used cell phones are broken down and the parts recycled.  Each phone equates to a 100 minute phone calling card for our servicemen and women overseas so that they can keep in touch with home.  That equates to 835,300 minutes and growing.  This is an ongoing project and one way we can say "thank you" to those who give so much to our country.
In additional to its regular Friday programs, Macs West will hold occasional programs that will be open to all SCW residents. These programs have been particularly popular with those interested in iPads. iPhones and iPods.
We close the year 2012 very much aware that we are on the threshold of a new era.  We have graduated from desk top computers, to lap tops, to tablets. We have moved from touch screen to voice and look ahead to eye contact. Through all these technological changes in equipment and hardware, CW has provided the service of educating and helping members enter the new computer age.  We thank the Officers, Instructors and fellow CW volunteers in our aim to open the world to us in the comfort of our homes.  We have come a long way since our origin but only because of these dedicated men and women. have we been able to do so.