Gr.8: Diocesan typing guidelines testing: passing score is 25 WPM with 90% accuracy on a 3 minute timed test in labs. TESTING is in early May for gr. 7 (practice) & 8 (final).

Gr.5-8: Come to class prepared! Don't be late with assignments. Break those bad habits now. Grades 4-8, remember your Google Classroom passwords. Keep copies of projects and tests for your eighth grade portfolio.

NOTE: Accessing your child's grades will be possible through the school's Gradelink account.

Remember to surf the Internet safely and use proper Nethics and Netiquette all year long.

Link to Google Classroom for Gr.4-8 It is also in the Resources & Favorite Links tab above.


While we are off-campus for COVID-19 closure, please check the school's home page for updates in the blue Online Learning button.