*Perfect 2015x openings books release notes:
• Based on opening lines, played mainly by strong chess engines (average 3300-3500 Elo)

• Hand tuned and carefully optimized each line (improved for TOP engine playing styles)
• Perfect 2015x includes various openings, recommended to be used for tournaments, ratings…
• No openings with winning percentage to be bellow 50 % for Whites and bellow 40% for Blacks
• Book’s Depth is mainly up to 8 moves (exception for a few lines, which are up to 9/10 moves)
• Fritz Book Settings: Default (optimized 3/35), but however almost all lines are up to 8 moves
• For book settings under Arena and ShredderClassic GUIs, please check the screenshots…
• Disabled almost all 3-fold repetitions and ctg's format learning functions are disabled too
• I’ve spent more than 14 years period of time for the optimization of the current opening lines
• Before final release, mostly of the lines are tested nearly with 1.000.000 SCCT games (since 2002)
• It’s recommended to be used same book for all engines (it’s highly optimized for engine matches)

*Perfect 2015x opening books are compatible only for four (4) Chess GUIs:
– Arena
– Aquarium
– ChessBase
- ShredderClassic
The Perfect opening books are freeware. Nobody is allowed to sell copies of Perfect books.
It may be freely distributed for non-commercial purposes as long as no any files in this package are modified.
The files in this package are provided with absolutely no warranty of any kind. Use it on your own risk.

Book Author:
Sedat Canbaz

Enjoy and Happy Testings !)