Example Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report

This is an example Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report.  Note this format was updated on 3/23/14 to break out singles and doubles stats and matches separately so players that play both can see clearly how they do at one vs the other.  The original report format is at the bottom of the page for reference.

John Doe
Current NTRP: 4.5C
Estimated DNTRP: 4.29
Match Record: 19-8
Singles Record: 13-3
Doubles Record: 6-5
Sets Won-Lost: 43-20
Games Won-Lost: 281-191
Best Match Result: 4.82 on 3/18/13
Worst Match Result: 4.01 on 7/17/13
Highest Estimated DNTRP: 4.49 on 3/18/13
Lowest Estimated DNTRP: 4.26 on 7/17/13
Singles Average Match Rating: 4.4
Doubles Average Match Rating: 4.25

The summary stats and table show pretty clearly that this player is a bit higher rated when he plays singles than doubles.

Reports are generated on request for a small fee by contacting ratings@teravation.net.  Reports can be generated for any USTA League player from any section for the 2013 or 2014 league years.  See more on the blog.

Original report format:

Jane Doe
Current NTRP: 3.5
Estimated DNTRP: 3.13
Match Record: 5-3
Sets Won-Lost: 13-8
Games Won-Lost: 84-62
Best Match Result: 3.57 on 2013-3-29
Worst Match Result: 2.83 on 2013-4-26
Highest Estimated DNTRP: 3.23 on 2013-3-29
Lowest Estimated DNTRP: 3.01 on 2012-11-1