Example Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Team Report

This is an example of an Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Team Report.

Name 14.0C504.043.9741D-3 2D-2
Name 24.0C514.023.953.781D-2 2D-3 3D-1
Name 34.0C514.023.913.671D-2 1S-1 2D-2 3D-1
Name 44.0C603.993.8741D-3 1S-1 2D-1 2S-1
Name 54.0C503.973.933.51D-1 1S-3 3D-1
Name 64.0C003.93.923.64
Name 74.0C313.743.813.792D-2 2S-1 3D-1
Name 84.0C303.73.673.681D-1 2D-1 3D-1
Name 93.5C223.663.523.311S-3 2D-1
Name 104.0C603.613.73.811D-1 2D-1 3D-4
Name 114.0C313.543.463.511D-3 2D-1
Name 123.5C513.513.443.322D-2 3D-4
Name 133.5B433.483.463.52S-6 3D-1

This report shows all the players on a team, their current level, their won/loss record on this team, their current rating, and their rating prior to the current and starting rating for the year so you can see trends.  It also shows a summary of all the courts they have played on on this team.

Team reports can be generated for your own team or for opponents.  A team report on an opponent allows you to do several things.  First, you will know in general who the stronger/weaker teams are so can plan your line-up if you want to try to make sure everyone gets in to a match and have perhaps your weaker players play against a weaker opponent.  Second, you get a nice overview of which players specifically are really strong on the team and which aren't.  When playing doubles, knowing this in advance can allow you to pick on the weaker player from the start rather than having to figure it out as you go.  Third, you can get a good idea of which players play on which courts which can help you figure out your line-up and who to play on which courts to get the match-ups you want.  In playoffs, it is sometimes who can arrange their line-up to get favorable match-ups that wins and advances and a team report can help.

Reports are generated on request for a small fee by contacting ratings@teravation.net.  See more on the blog.