This is the official home of the Schmidt Computer Ratings and Rankings.

The 2011 college and pro football seasons are upon us and the Schmidt Computer is gearing up.  Visit the NCAA Football or NFL Football sections for more details or use the menu on the left to navigate directly to the ratings, projections, or predictions.

To take a look back at past seasons, see 2009 or 2010 NCAA Football, or 2009 or 2010 NFL Football.  See the NFL Playoff Previews for details on each playoff game last year and see the Bowl Game Previews for details on how the computer picked each game and went 21-11-1 against the spread.

For regular commentary and mirrored posting of the ratings, predictions, and projections on this site, see my Computer Ratings blog.  Also, follow @computerratings on Twitter for updates and other tidbits of information.

For those interested in receiving a newsletter with additional information on spreads and best picks, see the newsletter page.  In 2009 the computer handily beat Vegas in both College football and the NFL going 396-305-11 and 133-86-5 against the spread respectively.

These ratings and rankings have been around for 18 years and are a power ratings system based on contestants, location of game, and score.  While the score is used, diminishing returns are applied to not overly reward running up the score, but an effort is made to not penalize teams for not running up the score against weak competition as well.  While the ratings do well in predicting games straight up, they have been tuned to predict games against the spread and do quite well.