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1964- The UNIVAC 1050 model II

The UNIVAC model 1050-II

The UNIVAC 1050 was a variable wordlength (1 to 16 characters) decimal and binary computer.It was introduced in 1964.
  The version used by the U.S. Air Force was the UNIVAC 1050-II
The Air Force's UNIVAC 1050-II real-time system, had some extra peripherals.
The most significant of these was the FASTRAND 1 Drum Storage Unit.  This physically large device had 2 contra-rotating drums mounted
horizontally, one above the other in a pressurised cabinet. Read-write heads were  mounted on a horizontally moving beam between the drums, driven by a voice
coil servo external to the pressurized cabinet. This high speed access subsystem allowed the real-time operation.
Another feature was the communications subsystem with modem links to remote sites. A Uniservo VI-C
tape drive provided an audit trail for the transactions. Other Peripherals were the card reader and punch, and printer.
The operator's console had the 'stop and go' buttons(!) and an ASR33 teleprinter for communication and control. (source: Wikipedia)