The best computer repair and expertise in Vail, Colorado and all of Eagle County since 2001!

Com-put-er Guy (noun) 1:  one that computes; esp :  a person that repairs, fixes, upgrades, networks, builds, troubleshoots, and knows all about computers.  Sometimes called "Guru", "Lifesaver", "Geek", etc.
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On-site computer repair in Vail, Avon, Edwards, Eagle, Gypsum, Glenwood Springs, Colorado and anywhere in between! 

House calls!  Sure, you can bring your machine to us, but wouldn't it be smarter to have us come to YOU?  That way, we see how you use your computer, the printer, scanner, card reader you use.  We can test your computer, in YOUR environment so you don't have to hook everything back up just to find out you STILL CAN'T GET ONLINE!  The cost is the same whether we do the work at our place or yours.

Can we fix a Mac?  YES!
Can we fix a PC?  YES!
Can we fix pretty much anything you need, including your telephone system?  YES!


Bran's Geek Blog!

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  • The Computer Guy Mantra...Back it up baby! Even computer novices know that files should be saved to help prevent them from being lost and so that they can easily be found when needed. But if you don ...
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  • What is spyware? Is it a virus? And did I catch it?! Spyware refers to programs that use your Internet connection to send information from your personal computer to some other computer, normally without your knowledge or permission. Most often this information ...
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