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Vintage Snoopy T Shirts

vintage snoopy t shirts
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  • Snoopy! The Musical is a musical comedy by Larry Grossman and Hal Hackady (lyrics), with a book by Warren Lockhart, Arthur Whitelaw, and Michael Grace. It was based on the Charles M. Schulz comic strip Peanuts.
  • nosy: offensively curious or inquisitive; "curious about the neighbor's doings"; "he flipped through my letters in his nosy way"; "prying eyes"; "the snoopy neighbor watched us all day"
vintage snoopy t shirts - Bedtime Originals
Bedtime Originals Champ Snoopy 4-Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set, Blue
Bedtime Originals Champ Snoopy 4-Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set, Blue
Bedtime Originals Champ Snoopy™ 4 Piece Bedding Set

Bedtime Originals welcomes our new Champ home in style. The furry appliqued Snoopy and Woodstock are a winning combination. The 4 piece bedding set includes a quilt, bumper, sheet and dust ruffle.

Champ Snoopy collection is available in the following components:

•4 Piece Set: Quilt, Bumper, Sheet, Dust Ruffle
•Mobile musical features a plush Snoopy and sports icons and plays the Brahms' Lullaby
•This custom wooden lamp features Snoopy and Woodstock and a coordinating shade
•Diaper stacker perfectly coordinates with the bedding set
•A sports themed wallpaper border featuring Snoopy and Woodstock
•A three piece painted star wall decor of Snoopy, Woodstock and sports icons
•Window valance perfectly complements the bedding set and accessories

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karen & julie kress berkeley, 1984
karen & julie kress berkeley, 1984
I don't remember much about this day, actually. All I remember is that it was taken at the Kress photobooth in Berkeley, on the corner of Shattuck and Addison. (Little did I know back then that I'd work a block away from there for 8 years.) But I can imagine EXACTLY what we did, because our routine didn't vary much, unless someone actually drove -- which was very, very rare. We went to Berkeley all. The. Time. We'd get on BART, transfer to the Richmond line at the MacArthur BART station (racing like mad down then up the stairs to the opposite platform, breathless and triumphant when we justmade the connecting train), and get off at the Berkeley station. First we'd idle downtown -- walking over to Big Fun on Shattuck and University, to look at all the neat stuff and, if brave enough, talk to the supercute guy named Robert who worked behind the counter. (He sold me my very first pair of Go Go boots.) Then we'd go to Snoopy's (or Edy's) for a Coke, or if we were feeling sophisticated, to Upstart Crow & Co. Stop off, sometimes, if we remembered, to the photobooth at Kress Drugstore. Then down to Hink's Department Store to spray ourselves silly with perfume. And then up Center where we'd stop in at Stop the Clock, where we'd ogle the vintage clothes and sometimes buy. (And I wound up working there, many years later.) Then up Center to the shortcut across campus, where we'd walk out of Sproul Plaza (with the chalk drawn DEVO potato on the Campus store, there for years) and onto Telegraph and its crazy swirl of hippies, punks, students, sounds of hare krshna tambourines, and smells of clove cigarettes, patchouli and pizza. (God I loved it then, and hate it with every fiber of my being now and avoid it as often as I can. Sad, really.) We'd make our rounds -- eating Blondie's on the curb, Rasputin's Records where we'd by The Velvet Underground or The Three O'Clock records), down the street to Yarmo and Shark's, and always, but always, stopping at New Haste Street, a tiny 60's/ mod vintage store, where the owner, Bob, was always kind to me and gave me huge discounts on paisley shirts and checked dresses. (He died right when I started working at Stop the Clock, and my boss relayed my gratitude to him for his generosity to a silly little girl all those years before.) If there was time and we were feeling daring, and down a few more blocks to The Cellar to look at more vintage clothes. We could -- and did -- spend hours poking around. And then we'd retrace our steps, get back on BART, and spend a whole dime on the payphone to get someone's mom to pick us up. But this picture is a lesson, more than anything, on the (in)correct handling of photobooth pictures. Clearly, as the pinkness shows, we were a bit too eager to see the finished product, and didn't wait for the little fan to somewhat dry it in the slot. We must have, in our impatience, grabbed it and smeared it against the metal. I'm no scientist, but that's my hypothesis. Another photobooth fact: The B&W ones always smell like eggs.
Souvenirs from Japan
Souvenirs from Japan
We didn't get much until our last 3 days in Tokyo. We did some major shopping. ^__^; My major finds: Dal Tweety Dal Angry Pullip Xiao Fan Pinky:st Arue Pinky:st In Town Pinky:st Ramika Animate Shinzi Katoh Tea set Various Flavored Kit Kat Various Mochi Various Charms Afternoon Tea container w/ Pyrex lid Snoopy Souvenir mug SIGG Totoro water bottle Various Japanese cloth samples Tigers Hand Towel SnooTea (Snoopy Tea) Brandon got Keroro Gunso charms of various cities we visited, Tokyo Giants stuff, shirts, samurai stuff and mario car game things. For my neice I have the Hello Kitty purse, nephew the mario kart car, my brother is getting the vintage snoopys and mospeada toys for his (belated) birthday. Sister gets mochi.

vintage snoopy t shirts