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T Shirt Iron On Transfer Software

t shirt iron on transfer software
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    t shirt
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    iron on
  • Iron On is an indie rock/pop band from Brisbane, Australia.
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t shirt iron on transfer software - Avery Iron-On
Avery Iron-On T-Shirt Transfers, 18 Transfers, 8-1/2"x11"
Avery Iron-On T-Shirt Transfers, 18 Transfers, 8-1/2"x11"
Avery Consumer Products Corporation - Iron-On T-Shirt Transfers, 18 Transfers, 8-1/2"x11" - Sold as 1 PK

Create your own iron-on transfers using an ordinary clothes iron, most software, your inkjet printer and Personal Creations T-shirt Transfers. T-shirt Transfers are designed for white or light-colored, 100 percent cotton or polyester/cotton fabrics. Image can be flipped using the printer menu or iron-on transfer feature within graphics software. Color Shield formula ensures crisp, long-lasting image quality. Transfers feed easily through most inkjet printers.

Sold as 1 PK
Manufacturer: Avery Consumer Products
Total percentage of recycled content: 0
Post Consumer Waste: 0
Country of origin: MX

81% (10)
xcel energy transfer
xcel energy transfer
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Cocoa in the Cocoa Crusty Shirt
Cocoa in the Cocoa Crusty Shirt
Cocoa pimpin' his newly made shirt... T-shirt transfers are the greatest! Made with Apple's Photo Booth software so its reversed... Trust me, it's right on the shirt.

t shirt iron on transfer software