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online t shirt shopping
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Dick's Router Table -- Shop Furniture
Dick's Router Table -- Shop Furniture
I built this router table for my woodworking shop. The cabinet is a modified version of Norm Abram's deluxe router table. I didn't make Norm's table top or fence. The top is from Woodpecker's (; the fence is the Super Fence also from Woodpecker's. Inside is a Porter-Cable 7518 variable speed 3 HP router. I'd love to buy a router lift, but for now, I manually adjust it. Some deviations from Norm's design are: (1) I put wheels on it because I need mobility in my garage-turned-workshop. (2) It's several inches smaller in width and length than Norm's. (3) I used a different switch than Norm. (4) I used different handles, too. (5) My router bit storage drawers have a little re-enforcement. (6) I did not make the clear door to the router compartment. I went solid. All that said, I also have many stupid errors in this project. I just can't seem to be error-free no matter how many times I measure. I call this "shop furniture."
Shopping Cittá e Shopping Downtown - Brasil - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Shopping Cittá e Shopping Downtown - Brasil - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Do lado esquerdo vemos a letral de um dos predios do Shopping Citta (200 lojas e 13 predios) e do lado direito o shopping Downtown com 520 lojas, muitos restaurantes e 12 cinemas. So na Barra da Tijuca para um shopping ser vizinho do outro. Alem do Barrashopping, o maior shopping center do Brasil, sao mais de vinte shoppings somente na avenida das Americas na Barra da Tijuca. Eu gosto mais dos shoppings pela comodidade de ir ao cinema e nos muitos restaurantes.

online t shirt shopping