Error 679 & 649 Remote Computer & Username and password

ADSL Not Working (No Internet connection)

When trying to connect though your broadband connection and you get the following errors just follow the step

Error 679 - The Remote Computer did not respond

1)      Check that the network cable is pluged in

2)      Ping the ADSL Modem

a)      Click START then RUN

Type “cmd” and press enter
c)       Type “ipconfig”

d)      Now Check the Default Gateway Address (eg. /

e)      Now type “ping (Default Gateway)”

f)       If you get a reply and the internet is still not working move to step 3

3)      Check the ADSL Modem is the light DSL light flashing? (If so call you service provider eg. Telkom / Neotell. Inform them that the ADSL line is down. You can also try to turn off the power on the ADSL modem for 10min and then to power it up again and check again.

Please Note that if you don’t get the ip address when doing “ipconfig” then check to see it the network card is enabled...

a)      Click START

b)      Click Start / Control Panel

c)       Click Network Connections

d)      Double click on the “Local Area Connection” if a small box comes up as seen below then the network card was disabled, try to connect / check the internet again



Error 649 - Login failed: username, password

1)      Contact your administrator or service provider for the correct broadband dialup - username and password if you don’t have it.


Your username and/ or password is incorrect



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