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Welcome to Computer Technology.  This is a semester class and required for graduation.  Topics covered in this class include:  Keyboarding skills, operating systems, document processing, spreadsheets, ethics, on-line information resources, electronic mail, electronic presentation, and an integrated project.  Microsoft Office 2007 will be used primarily in this class.


News & Updates

  • Class Fee - $8.00 Class fee needs to be paid to the Business Law account by the second week of class. Turn the receipt in to your teacher, to receive credit.
  • Computer Technology is Required to Graduate - Be sure to do well in computer technology this class is required to graduate. If you fail you will need to take Computer Tech make-up, the cost is $65.

Advanced Computer Technology

Do you like computer tech? Wanna earn college credit? Juniors and Seniors can register for CE- Advanced Computer Technology. This course will provide you with the opportunity to learn the Windows Operating System as well as advanced features of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access 2007.  This course can generate Weber State University Concurrent Credit (TBE 1700). 

Learning Tips