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June 5, 2008

Watch Shiregreen perform "Freedom Fighter," the winner of our Inaugural Contest:


Shiregreen ComProsers Performance at AINSI ‎(Maastricht)‎


A big Thank You to Big Ben, the ComProsers fan who filmed our May event at AINSI.

In related news, Shiregreen has selected the foundation to which the charity proceeds of his cash prize will go:


Förderverein Deutsch-Ukrainische Freundschaft e.V.

An organization established after the nuclear accident in Chernobyl, which arranges for children from the Ukrainian village Nemeshajevo to spend the summer with German families offering relief from the problems associated with their home region.


further donations may be made to:
VR Bank Hessenland
BLZ 53093200
Account 1271008



And, as always, please feel free to read Is Another Man's Freedom Fighter, the story behind the music.



May 19, 2008

The Winner of the ComProsers Inaugural Contest was announced at AINSI (Maastricht) last night.


Congratulations to Shiregreen!

Listen to "Freedom Fighter" at www.myspace.com/comprosers 

or by activating the pink (it was suggested that we add more colors to the site) music player below:

Hear more from our Winner at www.shiregreen.de.


We will update this page with more information and footage from Sunday's event soon. Stay tuned.

Congratulations once again to Shiregreen and to all the Finalists and Honorable Mentions. Thank you for taking part in our first experiment at the intersection of

music and literature.


May 13, 2008

Announcing the Inaugural Contest Finalists!

Each finalist receives an RKS GuitarsGig Stand:


The Inaugural Contest winner will be announced after our May 18 event at AINSI in Maastricht.


 If you're in town or nearby, join us!

Email info@comprosers.com for more details.

Otherwise, stay tuned.



May 5, 2008


The Inaugural Contest is now closed.

Please stay tuned for announcements

of the finalists and the winner.


If you live in or near Maastricht, you are invited to join ComProsers at AINSI on May 18, 2008 at 15:00 to listen to the submissions and hear the announcement of the winner.




March 18, 2008


The ComProsers Inaugural Contest

Win $667 (≈€428) in four easy steps:


1) Read Is Another Man's Freedom Fighter, a short story by Jacob Silverman.

(Deutsche Übersetzung: Der Freiheitskämpfer)


2) Record a piece of music that is, in some way, inspired by the story.


3) Submit your music along with a completed Registration Form and lyric sheet (if applicable) to  submissions@comprosers.com by May 1, 2008.


4) Win.



The ten finalists will also receive an

RKS GuitarsGig Stand:



ComProsers is an artist forum aimed at

encouraging collaboration between

aspiring writers and musicians.