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Compressed Sensing or Compressive Sensing or Compressive Sampling is a rapidily evolving field. Most new preprints have been featured in the Rice Compressive Sensing Resource site [9] and in my blog [6]. I also try to comment some of these papers as time permit[6].

When confronted with this "wave" of knowledge, one of the most important issue is trying to understand how every ideas developed in the different publications fit into what I would call the big picture. Because of the dynamic nature of this field, a living document entitled Compressive Sensing: The Big Picture [10]  was created. This document tries to put most of the new ideas/approaches/codes in a coherent framework as they appear in the literature. Most on-going results are generally easily implementable as most research groups seem to follow the guidelines of Reproducible Research.
In order to enable a better knowledge transfer, talks and presentations are a powerful means of communicating ideas. For this reason, I am also listing the videos of some of the presentations [1] on the subject. A set of Compressive Sensing codes implemented or hosted locally can be found in [5] and [7]. In any case, the Big Picture [10] aims at being the reference document linking to papers/codes/etc.... and as a result is continuously updated.

Additionally, for the community of people interested or researching this subject area, there is:
  • a page dedicated to jobs requiring an understanding of Compressive Sensing [2]
  • a calendar of events [3] related to Compressive Sensing. 
  • a LinkedIn Group [8].
  • a complete list of the links featured in my blog [6] related to Compressive Sensing [4]. This list permits one to identify groups and people actively involved in this type of research.
  • an incomplete list of sites [11] featuring an outreach effort whereby some research groups have dedicated specific pages explaining their work. This list also include a list of blogs actively commenting on the development of compressive sensing.

You can contact me at the following page.

1. Compressive Sensing Videos
2. Compressive Sensing Jobs 
3. Compressive Sensing Calendar 
4. List of Recent Compressive Sensing Links 
5. Local Compressive Sensing codes 
6. Compressive Sensing on the Nuit Blanche blog
7. Monday Morning Algorithms