Computational Pharmacogenomics

Fall 2006, ASU 

07492/38502/11430 CSE/BMI/CBS 591


Course idea

Introduction & Syllabus

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Day & Time: TTh 4:40PM-5:55PM
Room: BYAC 240
Instructor: Chitta Baral.
Office: Brickyard 572

Thoughts on the Test.

Schedule for the rest of the semester:

Oct 17 and 19th: Signal Networks
Oct 24 and 26th: Reasoning about signal networks

Oct 26th: Get project approved by this date

Oct 31st: Querying pathways
Nov 2nd : Clustering 

Nov 10th: Sample questions for the test will be posted.

Nov 14th: External Speaker (Lance Parsons)

Nov 21st: Test

Nov 23rd: Thanksgiving holiday

Nov 7, 9, 16,  28 , 30 
14  presentations (25 minute each) of various diseases.

Project due date: Dec 5th (last day of class)

Dec 6, 7, 8 (project demo, if any) 

Dec 12th (4:40 - 6:30) -- Scheduled time for finals. (No finals, but possibly a wrap-up of the semester)