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New 2013 CTA officers

Pictured from left: Maha Alawdat, Public Relations Officer; Masha Prikhodoko, President; Fang Yu Liao, Communication Director; Rachel Griffo, Director of Promotions; Leigh Ann Dunning, Marketing Director; Nathan Lindberg, Vice President. Not pictured: Wesley Dunning, Creative Coordinator; Mohammed Alzahrani, MA TESOL Representative; Hartati Suryaningsih, MA TESOL Representative; Wenxi Yang, MA TESOL Representative. 

Coming Soon
- Coffee hour (time/date will be announced later) for those who would like to discuss the idea of meeting up to write for an hour (each will work on his/her own writing project). The ultimate goal is to help each other stay focused. No judgments of work. Short discussion of ideas afterwards.

Next CTA meeting will be on December 5, 2013 at 1 pm. Don't miss the chance to contribute! 
- End-of-the-semester soup/chilli/bread party on December 13, 2013 at Leigh Ann & Wesley's place!

Pr. Usree Bhattacharya  Shares Publishing/Conferencing Experience with the Community
Pr. Bhattacharya was invited to run Publishing/Conferencing Workshop for the C&T community (Thursday 14, 2013).
The workshop agenda was as follows:
- broadening a research web-network (to get support and research resources);
preparing a research article/book review for submission to the target journal;
- dealing with rejection;
- presenting a conference paper.

The second part of the workshop

Organized by Maria Prikhodko and Nathan Lindberg

Dwight Atkinson Speaks with IUP Students

By Nathan Lindberg      Since one of the assigned books and three articles in this semester’s Second Language Acquisition class (724/824, taught by Dr. Deckert) were authored by Dwight Atkinson, C&T student Cheryl Sheridan thought it would be useful for the class to speak to him. Sheridan met Atkinson when she served on a committee to organize the Symposium of Second Language Writing in Taiwan in 2011 and again the following year at another conference.  She thought conversing with Atkinson would not only give her and her classmates a chance to ask about his work, but speaking to a knowledgeable audience would also be engaging for Atkinson,. Sheridan emailed Atkinson and asked if he would be interested in video conferencing. He liked the idea and a date was set.  Link to the rest of the article

Fang Yu’s Narrative of the AAAL Conference 

by Fang Yu Liao 

Recommended by Dr. Hanauer, I decided to experience my very first time AAAL conference even if I was not going to present. The American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) Conference was held on March 16-19 this year at Dallas, Texas. Indeed this journey to AAAL was a learning experience and eye-opening event for me as a novice in the field. The journey started with my interactions with two ladies called Gloria. Link to the rest of the narrative

It’s OUT: David Ian Hanauer and Karen Englander’s New Book

By Cheryl Sheridan

Scientific Writing in a Second Language, a new book by Drs. David Hanauer and Karen Englander, was recently released in March. The bright red volume is the 5th book in the Parlor Press Second Language Writing series, edited by Paul Kei Matsuda. Link to the rest of the article

Usree Bhattacharya Brings Global Experience to C&T 

Usree (pronounced "uʃri:" or ush-ree) Bhattacharya was recently hired to start teaching in the C&T program in the fall. To get better acquainted, Bhattacharya responded to emailed questions, which are posted below with her answers. 

Can you tell us about your past (e.g. academic history, where you have lived, interesting jobs you’ve had, family…)

I grew up on the Indian Institute of Technology campus in New Delhi, India, where my father was a professor. As a result of my father’s sabbaticals abroad... Link to the rest of the article

C&T Professor Curtis Porter’s Journey to Academia

by Nathan Lindberg

C&T newly hired Assistant Professor Curtis Porter’s interest in the subject of English started while going to poetry slams during his undergraduate years at Hunter College in New York City. “Though I quickly figured out that I wasn't much of a poet, I loved hanging around writers of all sorts,” he wrote in an email interview. “The decision to pursue a degree in English education came naturally.” However, his interest in pedagogy waned after he spent a stint teaching English in Japan. “I left Japan pretty disillusioned with the industry of English education, and I dropped out for awhile.” It was at that point that Porter took an eclectic tour of the world. Link to the rest of the article

Dr. Dan Weinstein’s Love of Writing and Machines

by Nathan Lindberg 
When Dan Weinstein is asked what thinks about teaching online, his eyes light up. “I think it’s the optimal way for me to teach,” he says. Hired just last year, Assistant Professor Weinstein turns his computer on and opens one of the wikis he has set up for his ENGL 202 Research Writing class. On each page of the wiki is a recorded history of every assignment a student has done, giving a traceable record of progress. These pages also give Weinstein access to students’ writing process. For example, instead of waiting for a final draft to gauge students’ understanding of relevant writing practices, Weinstein is able to assign numerous invention activities, review them individually and make comments. By keeping assignments short and interacting with them often, Weinstein is able to check in with each student’s writing process multiple times in a week . . .  Link to the rest of the article

IUP Spring Workshop: Empirical Literary Studies

IUP professor Dr. David Hanauer and C&T doctorial candidate Cheryl Sheridan are organizing a workshop that focuses on understanding human consciousness through writing and reading, using empirical methodologies. It is one in a series of conferences related to the International Society for the Empirical Study of Literature and Media (IGEL), a scholarly organization founded in the Netherlands. The workshop, entitled “Scientific Advances in Creative Writing in Literary Reading Research” (CWLRR), will be held on the IUP campus May 22-24, 2013.  link to this article

IUP’s Writing Center Grows Online

Imagine setting up an appointment with the writing center for Sunday evening on your couch. Imagine tutoring at the writing center from home, even if you live in Korea. Since the IUP Writing Center has gone online, all of this is possible, and the possibilities are expanding.

Recap of Three Rivers TESOL

The Three Rivers TESOL Conference, an affiliate of TESOL, is an annual local conference that serves the Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia area. This year's even was on Saturday, Oct. 27, at Duquesne University.                     link to the article. 

A New Vision for Teaching Composition

As a professor at IUP for 27 years, Dr. Hurlbert has contributed his insights, efforts, and influences to our field and community. Utilizing the essence of his teaching practices, writing experiences, and interactions with students and scholars over the years, his 300-page new book, National Healing: Race, State, and Teaching of Composition, is now available  after six years in the making. It provides a new vision for the field of composition.  link to the article

The Bizzaros Travel & Teach in South Africa

Over the summer, C&T program professors Dr. Patrick Bizzaro and his wife Dr. Resa Crane Bizzaro traveled with their son Antonio to South Africa to help develop the writing program at the University of the Free State. Patrick Bizzaro was the recipient of a Fulbright Senior Specialist Award which helped fund the trip. Resa Bizzaro acted as a paid consultant at the University of the Free State.   link to the article

Making CTA Available to All Members

November 23 marked the first year anniversary for the Composition and TESOL Association. If you are part of the C&T program, then this is your association, created to serve you better…at least I think it was. In this first year, one of the main tasks for the officers and me has been trying to figure out what we are doing and what way we can help the C&T community best. It’s a formidable task. We have about 130 active C&T students and thousands of graduates, not to mention professors past and present and also staff. Unfortunately the vast majority of people are not on the IUP campus. This means that any campus-based activity only serves a small percentage of our group.

My Journey with My QP

When I first heard about the concept of the QP (Qualifying Portfolio), I said, “Well, it is another paper and another assignment.” The thing about it was that I had to work alone on something that interests me without consulting anyone and without showing my paper to anyone. I liked this and had no problem with it. I am an independent worker and I can do it. However, with other colleagues, the issue was totally not akin. It was stress, panic, and frustration. For me, it was not. I kept calm and told everyone “It is simply another paper. Just follow the instructions and you will be fine.”  link to the article

C&T Student Entisar Elsherif’s Academic Journey to Publication

When I decided to study my doctorate degree in the US, the first program that caught my attention, since it was the one that would help me achieve my goals, was IUP’s Composition and TESOL. It was clear that it combined two of my interests. My expectations were high; however, what I have learned and gained during my study has been beyond my expectations.  link to the article 

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