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What is Composers Today?

Composers today is a multi-facted program sponsored by the Music Teachers' Association of California and its local branches in order to foster creativity among students and teachers by encouraging composition and improvisation. The objectives are: 

(1) To provide education in the skills of composing and improvising by offering professional feedback, creative ideas and written materials consisting of the Composers Today Syllabus, Improvisation Syllabus and Guide, Games and Activities for Improvisation, and 6 levels of student workbooks, 

(2) To provide incentive for students of composition and improvisation by sponsoring statewide projects and events, each with a specific goal and deadline, 

(3) To provide recognition for young musicians through the presentation of certificates, awards, prizes and performance opportunities for their compositions and improvisations, and 

(4) To offer opportunities and help in developing total musicianship skills in all MTAC students.

For more details regarding Composers Today state programs, please see Programs.

Who may participate in the Composers Today program?

Currently the bulk of Composers Today program activities are held at the MTAC state level. Local Composers Today workshops and recitals will be scheduled depending on teacher and student interest and participation. For more information about applying for a Composers Today local program, please see Apply.

Is Composers Today related to Certificate of Merit?

Composers Today is a separate MTAC program that runs on a parallel track to Certificate of Merit. Composers Today and Certificate of Merit programs have their own separate events, requirements, and deadlines. For more details regarding Composers Today event dates and deadlines, please see Calendar.

MTAC Long Beach Branch Composers Today Chairperson: 
Lisa Kato Fitchett

Contact Information: Long Beach School of Music, (562) 627-0464, Monday through Friday, 2:00pm to 7:00pm.

MTAC Long Beach Main Web Site: mtaclb.com