Please find here the preliminary program of ComposableWeb 2011, which will be held on June 20, 2011. We encourage especially workshop participants to leaf through all accepted papers, in order to be ready for stimulating discussions during the workshop.


Workshop intro

An Evaluation of Mashup Tools Based on Support for Heterogeneous Mashup Components (pdf)
Saeed Aghaee and Cesare Pautasso

An Approach to Construct Dynamic Service Mashups using Lightweight Semantics (pdf)
Dong Liu, Ning Li, Carlos Pedrinaci, Jacek Kopecky, Maria Maleshkova and John Domingue 

Task-Based Recommendation of Mashup Components (pdf)
Vincent Tietz, Gregor Blichmann, Stefan Pietschmann and Klaus Meißner


Integration of Telco Services into Enterprise Mashup Applications (pdf)
Olexiy Chudnovskyy, Frank Weinhold, Hendrik Gebhardt and Martin Gaedke

Orchestrated User Interface Mashups Using W3C Widgets (pdf)
Scott Wilson, Florian Daniel, Uwe Jugel and Stefano Soi

Cross-Domain Embedding for Vaadin Applications (pdf)
Janne Lautamäki and Tommi Mikkonen


Web Linking-based protocols for guiding RESTful M2M interaction (pdf)
Jesus Bellido, Rosa Alarcon and Cristian Sepulveda

Batched Transactions for RESTful Web Services (pdf)
Sebastian Kochman, Paweł T. Wojciechowski and Miłosz Kmieciak.

Secure Mashup-Providing Platforms - Implementing Encrypted Wiring (pdf)
Matthias Herbert, Tobias Thieme, Jan Zibuschka and Heiko Roßnagel 


Demonstrations of tools, prototypes, and novel ideas

Discussion and workshop closing