8th Grade English Classroom Announcements and Links


Please be sure all students have supplies needed for class.

Grading Policy
Daily Grades:  50%
This includes all homework, classwork, and quizzes.
Major Grades:  50%
This includes unit tests and independent reading. 

Quizzes count as daily grades and there are no make up quizzes allowed.  Major tests may be corrected if students score below a 70.  Corrections will take place from 7:00-7:45 during an assigned day.  Please email me with further questions in regards to the correction policy.  

Contact Me
My conference period is from 8:00-8:50.  The best
way to reach me during the day is via email at

Remind 101
I have a Remind 101 account for 8th grade English.  To join, go to https://www.remind.com/join/c297387

Classroom Management Policy
Students will be given a verbal warning.  If problematic behavior persists, a parent will be notified.  Continued problematic behavior will result in an office referral.  


First Six Weeks Summary:
This marking period, we will begin with an exploration of the Holocaust, Fidel Castro's Cuba, and present day Syria.   Our first novel will be Refugee, by Alan Gratz.  Students will receive a vocabulary packet weekly on Monday.  This packet is to be completed and turned in on Friday.  Students will also be given a quiz on these vocabulary words on Friday.  If you'd like to work ahead, the links are below.  

The deadline for independent reading for the first six weeks is Thursday, September 20, 2018.  

Vocabulary Packets
Week Two: (Homework Due & Quiz on August 24)
Week Two Quizlet Review:

Week Three: (Homework Due & Quiz on August 31)

Week Four: (Homework Due & Quiz September 7)

Week Five: (Homework Due & Quiz September 14)

Week Six:  (Homework Due & Quiz September 21)
Week Six Google Drive