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Lecture 15

For today you should:
1) Review the material we created last time.

1) Filtering.
2) Team formation.
3) Brick laying problem.

For next time you should:
1) Find a paper related to your case study.
2) Finish the brick problem.
3) Start the Triangle problem, courtesy of Cory.


(well, probably not developed enough to deserve the name)

1) High school / college Python hackers looking for fun programming projects.

2) Mid-career software engineers who want to practice Python and learn or review algorithms.

3) College professors looking for a more interesting approach to data structures and algorithms.


At least some of these elements:
  • A motivating problem or question.
  • A model like the ones we studied this semester.
  • An implementation of the model, with a discussion of any interesting algorithmic or implementation issues.
  • A useful Python module.
  • Results presented with appropriate visualization.
  • Conclusions interpreted in the context of the original question.
  • Discussion of any relevant philosophical issue.  Note: this means that you should make a connection to existing work in philosophy, not just wax philosophical.
Other things we discussed last time.

Let's play "I like this because..."