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Lecture 12

For today you should:
1) Read Chapter 8 and prepare the reading questions.
2) Read about Dynamic programming.
3) Continue to work on exercises at your pace.

1) Spectral analysis.
2) Musical acoustics.
3) Chapter 8 questions.

For next time you should:
1) Read Chapter 9 and prepare the reading questions.
2) Think about case study ideas.

Spectral analysis and Musical Acoustics

Reading questions for Chapter 9.

1) Schelling's model of human behavior is wildly abstract.  What, if anything, can this model tell us about racism and segregation in the real world?

2) Boston is a segregated city, relative to other similar-sized cities in the US.  Does that mean that people in Boston are more racist, on average, than people in other similar-sized cities in the US?

3) What properties does a traffic jam have that the cars do not?

4) What is computational irreducibility?

5) Water is wet.  Is that an emergent property?