Course work


We will start the semester with a series of reading from the swappy books.  Your summaries and comments are here.


You will work on a series of exercises described in the lecture notes.

Write a case study

You will write case study about your explorations.  The structure should be similar to chapters in the textbook, including most of these elements:
  • A motivating problem or question.
  • A model like the ones we studied this semester.
  • An implementation of them model, with a discussion of any interesting algorithmic or implementation issues.
  • Results presented with appropriate visualization.
  • Conclusions interpreted in the context of the original question.
  • Discussion of any relevant philosophical issue.  Note: this means that you should make a connection to existing work in philosophy, not just wax philosophical.
Format: typeset in PDF and posted here.

Case study ideas

2) Decision making by rumor spreading (page 81)
3) Finding the Sydney: story, paper
4) More material for Chapter 7: More about fractals, percolation, forest-fire, other?
5) Dynamic programming, Floyd-Warshall, other algorithm?
6) Highway Model (thanks, RB) 
7) Engineering biology: review paper.

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