CWIN '17 - 12 Oct 2017, IMT Lucca

Complex Water Infrastructures and Sustainability
is a workshop to CRITIS '17, the 12th International Conference on Critical Infrastructures Security

Aim of the workshop is to discuss relevant aspects related to the future of water infrastructure in the era of climate change and water scarcity. Policy makers, representatives from utilities, companies and academy will discuss cutting-edge trends and topics regarding:

  • Digitalization of water infrastructure
  • Adaptation to water scarcity and climate change
  • Water-Energy nexus
  • Management of water reservoirs
  • Best practices in water infrastructures management

Lorenzo Bardelli, Director of the water department at the Italian regulation authority for energy and water system, will open the workshop discussing the new role of the regulation authorities in developing a modern, digitalized water distribution system.

Armando di Nardo will illustrate recent application of  complex networks theory in developing resilient and efficient water distribution networks, while Natan Zuta will describe the data science and machine learning approaches developed in Israel for the management of water and wastewater systems in geographic areas where water is scarce.

In the section devoted to best practices, Giuseppe Sardu  will illustrate cutting-edge methods developed in Tuscany by Acque S.p.A in cooperation with the regional water authority.

Water infrastructures impact immediately the everyday life of the citizens; hence correct communication is central to introduce innovation without creating resistance. Emanuele Perugini will present his experience with "Bracciano Smart Lake", an innovative communication model developed and applied to the storytelling of the water crisis of Lago di Bracciano, an important reservoir of the metropolitan city of Roma. 

Alfonso Damiano will illustrate the recent initiatives developed in the Sardinia region to link water reserviors and renewable energy systems, while a speaker from Enel Green Power will conclude the workshop illustrating best practices in the management of Italian dams, hinting the possibility of mitiganting water risk via the smart usage of hydroelectric power plants.


The participation to the workshop is free for the participants of  CRITIS 2017
It is also possible to register for a single day by following the instructions on the main CRITIS 2017 website.

Complex Water Infrastructures and Sustainability is a twin workshop to Complex Energy Infrastructures and Sustainability that will be held on the following day, Oct 13th in the same venue
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