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   List of Speakers in alphabetic order which some of yet to be confirmed [Last Update: Aug. 24, 2012]

1. Minos Axenides  (NCSR Demokritos, Greece)
2. Almut Beige (Tom Barlow) (Quantum Information Group, School of Physics & Astronomy, 
                                                      University of Leeds, UK)

 3. Arturo Buscarino (Lucia V. Gambuzza) (DIEEI, Faculty of Engineering, Universita degli 
                                                                             Studi di Catania, Italy)

 4. Barry Cooper (School of Mathematics, University of Leeds, UK)

 5. Glenda H. Eoyang  (Executive Director, Human Systems Dynamics Institute, USA)

 6. Mattia Frasca (Lucia V. Gambuzza) (DIEEI, Faculty of Engineering, Universita degli 
                                                                     Studi di Catania, Italy) 

 7. Cuneyt Guzelis (Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Izmir University of Economics

 8. Joost J. Joosten  (Department of Logic, History and Philosophy of Science, University of
                                       Barcelona, Spain)

 9. Markus Kirkilionis (Mathematics Institute & Centre for Complex Systems, University of
                                         Warwick, UK)

 10. Victor Law (Mechanical and Materials Engineering, University College Dublin, Ireland)

11.  Aude Maignan (Laboratory Jean Kuntzmann, France)

12. Klaus Mainzer  (Lehrstuhl fur Philosophie und Wissenschaftstheorie, Technical University of
                                   Munich, Germany)

13. Felipe Marcel Neves  (Department of Zoology, Universidade Federal do Parana, Brazil)

14. Renzo L. Ricca (Department of Mathematics and Applications, University of Milano-Bicocca,

15. Otto E. Rossler (Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, University of Tubingen,

16. Ali Sanayei   (Member of the Complex Systems Society (CSS); Member in Group on Statistical & 
                               Nonlinear Physics, American Physical Society)

17. Roman Senkerik (Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Faculty of Applied Informatics, Department of
                                       Informatics and Artificial Intelligence, Czech Republic)

18. Emily Shuckburgh (British Antarctic Survey; Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK) 

19. Tatyana A. Smaglichenko (Institute of Oil and Gas Problems, Russian Academy of Science,

20. Daniel L. Stein (Departments of Physics and Mathematics, New York University, USA)

21. Natalja Strelkowa (Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College London, UK)

22. Burton Voorhees (Faculty of Science & Technology, Center for Science, 
                                        Athabasca University, Canada )

23. Ivan Zelinka  (Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer
                               Science, VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic)