Travel Information

Interdisciplinary Symposium on Complex Systems will be held as a part of the "9th International  Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics (ICNAAM)" in G-Hotels, Halkidiki, Greece, 19-25 September, 2011.
    A.  Arrive to Halkidiki by plane:
       You can come to Halkidiki by plane using the airport "Makedonia" of Thessalonoki
       city. You can rich airport using various flights from different Europe cities.
     B.  Arrive to Halkidiki by ship:
       Thes sortest port is Thessaloniki Port Authority.  You can use of course the Kavala
       port if you will be coming from East Agean islands.
     C.  Arrive to Halkidiki by train:
       Halkidiki does not have a rail transportation. You can arrive Thessaloniki rail station
       as your last station from various department cities.