Tel Aviv University October 24-25, 2007


The Italian embassy in Israel and the Tel Aviv University

Scientific coordinators:

Prof. Vito Latora and Prof. Eshel Ben Jacob    


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Green House, Tel Aviv University, Israel

October 24-25, 2007

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Day 1 October 24


8.30 -9.00   Refreshments


--------------Special Opening Morning and General Audience Lectures----




Prof. Zvi Galil - The President of Tel Aviv University

His Excellency Sandro de Bernardin - The Ambassador of Italy in Israel

Prof. Luigi Fortuna – Dean of Engineering, University of Catania, Sicily



Prof. Stefano Boccaletti – Science Attached of Italy in Israel

New opportunities for Supported Italy-Israel Joint Research Projects



Stefano Boccaletti: Links and Synchronization

Sorin Solomon: Distinguishing the Tree of Knowledge from the Network Forest


10.30 -11.00   Coffee discussion


Irun Cohen: The immune system computes the state of the body

Massimo Marchiori: Social Search Engines

Rosario Mantegna: Correlation based networks in finance



12.30 -14.00   LUNCH SESSION (introduction of participants)

14.00 -15.30

Andrea Giansanti: Inner idrofobicity networks in proteins
Martin Kupiec: Dissection of the genetic network controlling telomere control

Yitzhak (Zachi) Pilpel: Coping with genetic and non-genetic perturbations


15.30-16.00   Coffee discussion


Luigi Fortuna: Separation and synchronization of dynamical networks of multiplexed chaotic circuits

Mattia Frasca: Emerging properties of dynamical networks of mobile agents
Remo  Pareschi: Networks as Interpretations of Networks


17.30-18.00 Round table discussion



Day 2 October 25

9.30 -10.30 

Yuval Shavit: Studying the Internet complex structure with DIMES
Santo Fortunato: Three puzzles in community detection


10.30 -11.00   discussion

11.00 -12.30 
Shlomo Havlin: Immunization methods of complex networks
Vittoria Colizza: Computational approach to the forecast of emerging diseases
Jesus Gomez-Gardenes: Natural Selection of Cooperation and Degree Hierarchy in Heterogeneous Populations



12.30 -14.00   LUNCH SESSION (introduction of participants)
14.00  -15.30  

Ginestra Bianconi: Entropy of randomized network ensembles
David Horn: Enzymatic Profiles of Meta-genomes

Ron Meir: Optimal dynamic state estimation by neural nets based on recursive spike
train decoding.


15.30-16.00   Coffee session

16.00 -17.30 

Yael Hanein: Engineering neural networks
Vittorio Rosato: Critical Infrastructures as Complex Systems
Matteo Lo Presti: STMicroelectronics for Embedded Systems




--------------------------Closing session - general audience lectures---------------

------------------------17.30-20.00:  Lev Auditorium Shenkar Building (Physics)------------------

17.30-18.00 Refreshments  

18.00-19.30 Lectures:

Uri Alon: Simplicity in System Biology
Shimon Marom: Representation in neuronal networks

19.30-20.00 Concluding remarks and discussion