Italian-Israeli meeting  -

Complex Networks in Biology and Engineering

From Principles to Applications 




Tel Aviv University October 24-25, 2007


The Italian embassy in Israel and the Tel Aviv University

Scientific coordinators:

            Prof. Vito Latora and  Prof. Eshel Ben Jacob 



Conference Email 

"The Marcel Gordon University Club (Green House)", Tel Aviv University, Israel

 October 24-25, 2007

To the Green  house web site:



Network theory is emerging as an essential framework for the study

and understanding of natural and man-made complex systems.

New applications of complex networks to biological, technological

and social systems are developed at an ever-increasing rate

and the promise for future growth is high. 


Learning how to characterize the topology and geometry of

complex networks and the principles that govern their dynamical

behavior has become a matter of great importance for scientists

of many disciplines.


The speakers will therefore attempt to present part of their lecture

in a more popular manner so as to make them accessible for

scientists with different backgrounds and goals.

The scope of the meeting:

This conference aims at bringing together a group of thirty Italian and Israeli experts in complex networks from different backgrounds (physics, computer science, biology and engineering) with the final purposes of:

I. To discuss and review the modern techniques of network theory, statistics, nonlinear dynamics and computer science, that allow to study the structure and the dynamics of complex networks in biology and engineering.

II. To apply the principles underlying complex biological networks for design and engineering complex man-made networks.

Exciting topics at the fore front of research in complex networks such as the principles of gene networks regulation, of memory and learning in neural networks, of information processing by the immune network, of modeling of epidemic spreading, of information flow and information mining in the Internet and of synchronization phenomena in biological and social networks will be discussed. Italian participants include prominent researchers from CNR, INFN, ENEA, ICTP (Trieste), ISI (Torino) and the universities of Roma, Padova, Catania and Palermo, as well as leading industries as STmicrolectronics.

Israeli participants include prominent researchers from the Technion, Tel-Aviv University, Haifa University, Ben Gurion University, Hebrew University and the Weizmann Institute as well as industrial participants from leading companies in the field. The conference would provide a unique forum for exchanging new ideas, for initiating joint projects between Italian and Israeli scientists and also between academia and industry, and for strengthening scientific cooperation.



The lectures will be held at the Green House at TelAviv University which provides a very special warm atmosphere for interactive lectures and discussions. The speakers will make an attempt to present part of the lecture in a more popular manner to be accessible for scientists from different disciplines. At the first evening (October 23 and at the last one October 25) we will have two more general public lectures. In the first evening the lectures will be on the principles and foundations and in the second on applications to gene networks and neural networks.