CENI '17 - 13 Oct 2017, IMT Lucca


Complex Energy Infrastructures and Sustainability is a workshop to CRITIS '17, the 12th International Conference on Critical Infrastructures Security

Aim of the workshop is to discuss relevant aspects related to critical energy infrastructures, offering the point of view of academia, policy makers, regulators, and utilities.
The energy paradigms are changing, and the workshop aims to offer a wide view on cutting edge topics related to:
  • Energy markets
  • New services for customers
  • Green mobility
  • Climate change and resilience of energy infrastructure
  • Smart energy systems
  • Water-energy nexus 

Riccardo Basosi (University of Siena and Italian Permanent Representative H2020 Energy EU Programme)  will give the opening talk illustrating the EU initiative in the topic of clean, safe, and secure energy in the H2020 framework, while Renata Mele (Enel Foundation) and Umberto Perna (SPE) will describe how the point of view of the energy utility is changing.
The experience of electric mobility in the region Sardinia will be illustrated by Alfonso Damiano (University of Cagliari), while Alessandro Rubino (university of Bari) will give the point of view of the regulator. 


The participation to the workshop is free for the participants of  CRITIS 2017
It is also possible to register for a single day by following the instructions on the main CRITIS 2017 website.

Complex Energy Infrastructures and Sustainability is a twin workshop to  Complex Water Infrastructures and Sustainability that will be held  the previous day, Oct 12th in the same venue
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