Dr Capps's Rant

posted Mar 24, 2011, 4:26 PM by John Capps
One of my pet peeves is when news outlets (online, print and TV news are all at blame here) have an article about obesity, they typical will show pictures or video of overweight people, but only from neck down!  As if these people's condition was so shameful that they couldn't show their face!  How much trouble would it be, with all the stock photos and footage they have available, for the news to use some stock photos where they have the rights to entire body?  They use the face when discussing other medical conditions.  See the photos that I show as evidence.  Carefully watch the next TV news segment on obesity....you'll see same "walk of shame" of overweight,  headless bodies!
                          Photo from AOL.com about obesity:

Another photo from  an online article on childhood obesity, where they dare show us half a face:

And for contrast, see this article about mental retardation: Faces all around!: