New Google Sites

August 31, 2021

Due to Google dropping support for Classic Google Sites, I had to convert this site to New Google Sites.

It is possible that some of our pages are showing a bit broken, but I will try fixing these in the coming days. Page attachments were also migrated to Google Drive links, so I will verify if they are all accessible.

However, normally all steps for the hacking guide, cIOS installation etc, should work. If something big is broken, please let me know through the feedback page.

I am also trying to do some additional improvements such as adding the new exploits and more screenshots (unfortunately I cannot capture my TV directly, so if you are able to make some good screenshots, feel free to send them with the feedback form; I will of course credit you for them if desired)

Thank you for visiting the site. I only work on the site during my spare time and without profit, but I hope it can serve as a useful resource for the Wii Hacking enthousiast.