ANNOUNCEMENT: Please email Scott Bartholomew to begin the process to have your university compete in any competitions at the 2018 National Conference.  He will share a googlesheet with you that will allow you to sign students up for competitions.

This year we will have a monetary prize for the university which wins the most events.  See the details here:

National TEECA 2018 Competition

Awards process

The TEECA National Competition will take place between April 12-14, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.  In addition to the awards for a first, second, and third place for each competition, there will be a single monetary and returning trophy awarded to the best overall performance at the competition. Using a points system (3 points for a first place, 2 points for a second place, 1 point for a third place) the TEECA National Officer board will determine an overall winner. In the event of an overall points tie, the tie will be broken by having the school with the most first-place finishes win the tie. If it is stilled tied, the school with the most second place finishes would win, if it is still tied, the team with the most third place finished would win. It is incredibly unlikely that there will be a tie at this point. If after this point a tie does occur, it will be broken with a coin toss.

The school that receives first place, based on the points system, will receive a monetary award of $500 and a trophy to signify their achievement. 


To visit the 2018 competition pages navigate with the above compete menu.

 There are 8 competitions for the 2018 National TEECA Conference during the 2018 ITEEA Conference in Atlanta, Geogia.