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    School Models

    If you know of other schools models, please add information in comments including a weblink. Thanks!

    Elementary Schools Models

    • Ingenium Charter Schools
      • Barack Obama Charter School
    • Matchbook Learning is blended model designed for school turnaround. Brenda Scott Elementary, Detroit, MI, as part of the EAA is mastery-based.
    Secondary School Models
    Recuperation and Recovery (students that are over-age and under-credit)
    • Boston Day and Evening Academy
    • Bronx Arena: They are developing their own online content. Students have to demonstrate competency through a variety of ways (projects, papers, labs, demonstrations, tests, etc.). Focus on building relationships, social skills, family, academics, and life skills. (NYC) Sam Sherwood Principal
    Online Schools
    Higher Education

    Emerging Models

    The following schools are NXGL grantees

    • K-8 Schools

    • Middle Schools

    • 6-12 Schools

    • High Schools/ College Preps