MSWord copy/paste formatting problem (footnotes disappear) caused by Skype extension! unbelievable but true

Unbelievable but true: a Skype extension messes up the copy-paste function in MS Word!!! If you are an MSWord user, never install Skype Click to Call.

While I was writing my book, for a mysterious reason all in a sudden doing a copy-paste eliminated all the footnotes!! You can imagine my agony

I lost a lot of time going back to older versions to find them back and then I looked for almost for a day for a solution on the internet. I repaired MSoffice, I changed the copy paste settings and format setting and nothing helped.
When I almost gave up I found the solution at 

It is a flabbergasting bug: the Skype Click to Call extension in firefox ruins copy paste in MSWord. I disabled it and... MSWord works fine again!!!

And... nowhere on the site of Skype is there a place to report a bug!