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15 whistle-blowers, managers and executives of the top-antisocial media companies, confirm conclusions from "BrainChains", that  they destroy your attention, intellectual productivity, creativity, health and happiness !!



Excerpts and articles

About BrainChains

Beware of your intuitions or gut feelings. Excerpt from "BrainChains"

About Open Plan Offices

About stress

 (English) or  (Dutch)

About Management

CORPORATE BRAIN DISORDER: why the brainworkers in our companies function at less than 60% of their potential

Trust and Confidence : the keystone of the relationship between a manager and his team

About learning to have real conversations

1. A little guide to the big subject of small talk: surprisingly enough a first step to develop your EQ, to become better at important conversations and to make a better first impression.

2. E-Power Pointing A method to develop your skills to have emotionally and socially intelligent conversations (after you trained small talk)

3. Giving and receiving feedback Once you handle conversations well, learn to give (difficult) feedback

Bibliography/references of two of my books

Publicaties/teksten/interviews in verband met BrainChains/Ontketen je brein.

Hoe we door onwetendheid ons brein ketenen. Theo Compernolle. Opleiding & Ontwikkeling. Het magazine voor Human Resource Development. O&O nr 5/2014/ p 14

Over breinblinddoeken en ezelsbreinbrugjes die ons brengen waar we niet willen zijn
Over cognitive bias en heuristics, waardoor we foute beslissingen nemen en eraan blijven vasthouden

Over stress

De Stress-balans Psychologie Magazine

Stress: Vriend en Vijand. Counselling Magazine nr 1/2013 p 4


Leve creatief conflict 

Managementgedrag is de meest bepalende factor voor een goede stressbalans van het personeel. 
Een interview met Dr. Theo Compernolle.