How to Choose Compensation Lawyers in Melbourne

Compensation (or personal injury) lawyers, represent individuals who have been involved in an injury. These lawyers help those who have been injured receive the compensation claim they deserve. If you have been involved in an injury, you may have already decided that contacting a solicitor is in your best interest. However, making the decision to seek the counsel of compensation lawyers is the easy part; there is a lot to consider when it comes to actually choosing a lawyer to suit your needs.

If you live or work in Melbourne, Victoria, here are some guidelines to follow in order to find the right lawyers for you:


The first thing that you should consider when seeking personal injury lawyers is who they actually represent. For example, do they represent the employee, the insurance company or the employer? If you are an employee and you have been involved in an accident while on the job, you wouldn’t want to work with someone who represents the insurance company.


It is also important to consider how much experience your lawyers have under their belt. Generate a list of questions to ask before you engage them. Questions to consider asking include:

·         What types of cases the lawyer has worked on and how many have they won?

·         How many people they have represented in a similar situation to yours?

·         How much compensation they were able to receive for their clients?

·         Have they settled outside of court more than they have gone to court?

·         How many years they have been practicing the legal matter associated with the compensation?

·         They type of degree the lawyer possess and where the lawyer attained his or her degree?

·         Will meetings be at their office in Melbourne or will they come to you?

Experience counts for a lot, particularly in legal matters. A lawyer who has more experience under his or her belt is more likely to be better suited to your situation.


Consider reviews when looking for qualified compensation lawyers in Melbourne. Talk to people you know who have worked with personal injury (compensation) lawyers before. Inquire whether or not these people have had a positive personal experience with them. Ask if they:

·         Were happy with their work

·         Think they earned an acceptable amount of compensation

If you don’t know someone who has worked with Melbourne compensation lawyers before, research reviews online. Type the individual or firm's name into a search engine, along with the term “reviews” and you will be able to find reviews of a particular solicitor or firm.

Reviews tend to reveal a lot about a lawyer. More negative reviews than positive reviews will likely indicate that they are not qualified and will not provide you with the legal representation that you are looking for.


Another important consideration when finding the right Melbourne compensation lawyers to represent you is the type of fees they charge. Lawyers should not charge a fee for his or her services until the case is settled. If an up-front payment is required, you should re-consider working with the lawyer. Most personal injury solicitors will charge a certain percentage of your settlement. Look for a lawyer who charge a rate that you think is fair for your needs. You can also consider asking your Melbourne solicitor whether or not he or she is willing to accommodate your needs, should the rate be more than you prefer.

Legal Team

You will also want to find out whether or not you will be working with a team of lawyers, or an individual. If you are working with a team of lawyers, it is likely that your case will be handled by more than one person. If you prefer a more personal approach, working with an individual conveniently located in Melbourne is likely much better suited for your needs.

Understands Melbourne Compensation Law

The laws regarding personal injury and compensation vary from state-to-state in Australia. If your accident took place in Melbourne, you are going to want to make sure that your lawyer specializes in Victorian compensation law. There are several laws that govern compensation law in Melbourne. In order to receive the best representation and achieve the best outcome, you are going to want to find lawyers that specialise in compensation law in Melbourne.


Once considering all of the above, set up consultations with your short list of Melbourne lawyers. Your consultation should be free of charge. During your consultation, they will assess whether you have a case for compensation and how much they believe your case is worth. During this consultation, you should also ask them any additional questions you may have. Consider whether:

·         You connected with them;

·         They seemed distant and cold

·         They related to your case and were passionate about it

·         They seemed confident in winning.


Your personal injury case is important. As such, it should be handled by lawyers who you are comfortable with and who you are confident will win your case. You and your lawyer will develop a personal relationship over the period of time you are working together, so it is important that you get along and have the same goal in mind. You also want to make sure that he or she has your best interest in mind. And make sure they are located conveniently to you around Melbourne. With these tips in mind, you will be able to find the best compensation lawyers for your particular needs.