New Activity Updates

This page will provide new activities, new description, and associated MET values since the 2011 Compendium of Physical Activities was published. 

New Compendium codes will be added during a future update and are listed as To Be Determined (TBD).

Additions in an activity description are presented in italics.

 Compendium New Activity
Codes METs Description
6.5 Zumba - Cumbia, American Mix1
7.3 Zumba - Merengue, Salsa1
11075 2.5  Childcare, daycare, general
11077 3.5  Childcare, daycare, playing with children, moderate effort, only active periods
20020  2.0 Standing, preaching/singing in church, attending a ceremony, standing, active participation  
TBD  2.0 Sitting, singing
TBD  2.3 Standing, singing
TBD 9.8 Kettlebell workout, interval or continuous kettlebell swings2,3
TBD 9.0 Jogging Stroller with ~25lb to 50lb weight inside, 6.0mph, smooth level surface (e.g., track)4
TBD 12.3Jogging Stroller with ~25lb to 50lb weight inside, 6.0mph, paved urban trail, small elevation changes4
TBD 4.0 Self-propelled scooter, 80 meters/minute5
TBD 4.3 Self-propelled scooter, 110 meters/minute5
TBD 5.0 Self-propelled scooter, 140 meters/minute5

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