Short story writing contest; "Connecting in a perfect world"

!Deadline extended to July 20th!
win AN I-pAD mini!

Write a short story about:

“connecting in a perfect World”

Are you 10-16 years of age? Do you have a good imagination and do you like to think about things that haven’t been invented yet? If you recognize yourself, we challenge you to write a short story. The best short story from participants from all 3 countries  (the Netherlands, Sweden and Israel) wins an I-pad mini!  

We are the COMPEIT team and we want know how - in your perfect imaginary world - you would like to connect with friends, with your parents, grandparents or other family members, with old school-friends, or other friends spread around the world.

You can write in either English, Dutch, Swedish or Hebrew!    

 Story writing assignment:

Connecting with others over a distance in your perfect world

Imagine that you live in your perfect world. But you are far away from your friends or family. For example, because you are on a holiday or moved abroad. Or because you have to stay in the hospital. How would you communicate or stay in touch with others? For example with you parents, friends or with your school (your teacher and class mates). Or with sharing your experiences with a group or even the whole world? Let your fantasy work, think of the perfect world. There are no limitations. You are not limited to what exists today. Think far into the future. How can you talk to, see, or even touch others over a distance? Or interact or play with them in games or daily activities? What would you do together? Think of yourself having the magic power to make up, create or invent anything you like.


If you want to participate, please open the Word File below (by clicking on the arrow next to the document) and save it on your computer. We would first like to ask you to answer the questions in this document and then insert/write your story below your answers. Please give your story a short title, insert your name and make sure your short stories is no longer than 1 page.

If you would like, you can also attach/insert an illustration, picture or drawing (you made yourself or from the Internet) which displays the perfect world that you have described in your story.

The last day to send us your story is Sunday 20th of  July 2014.
You can email your story to by:  
1. Clicking on the blue arrow below, next to the link to the Word document), answer the short questions, type in your story, save it on your computer, and send/email it to
2. Typing your answers to the short questions and your short story directly in an email, and send/email it to  

Please inform your parents that you are writing this story, let them read your story and tell them why you are sending it to us. But make sure the story remains your own! If your parents want to learn more about the COMPEIT project, they can visit our website at:

Good luck and have fun writing your story and inventing your perfect world!

The COMPEIT team.