Internet-based distribution will transform media broadcasting towards higher levels of interactivity and integration with virtual, mixed and augmented reality. It will be enabled by new web technologies and a proliferation of devices for audio, video and tangible interaction.

COMPEIT creates highly interactive, personalised, shared media experiences on the Internet for feeling more present when interacting remotely with other people and enjoying media together.


COMPEIT will provide virtual eye contact, augmented reality and other features of mediated presence in an easy to use manner:
  • Shared Experience with Tangible Interaction enables audiences to enjoy enhanced live media together, complemented by interactive games.
  • Broadcast Presence Studio mixes live media with various types of web-based content.
  • Mixed-Reality Interaction is an advanced web service where content generated by the Broadcast Presence Studio service can be mixed into the viewer's physical environment using ambient devices.

Project Approach

There will be open source software and a public experience lab where developers and users can try out next-generation interactive media production and consumption.


Media and
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Project start: October 2013
Project end: September 2016