Contributed Talks & Poster Presentation

  •  Integrative Computational Modeling across Tumors reveals Context Specific Impact of Mutations - Hatice Osmanbeyoglu, Eneda Toska, José Baselga and Christina Leslie
  •  Multiple Output Regression with Latent Noise - Leo Jussi Kalervo Gillberg, Samuel Kaski, Pekka Marttinen, Matti Pirinen, Antti J. Kangas, Mehreen Ali, Pasi Soininen, Aki S. Havulinna, Marjo-Riitta Järvelin and Mika Ala-Korpela
  •  Quantifying the unobserved protein-coding variants in human populations provides a roadmap for large-scale sequencing projects - James Zou, Greg Valiant, Paul Valiant and Exome Aggregation Consortium

Spotlights & Poster Presentation

  • Variational inference of latent Gaussian neural dynamics - Yuan Zhao and Il Memming Park
  • Word Vectors of Biological Sequences and Their Applications in Bioinformatics - Ehsaneddin Asgari and Mohammad R.K. Mofrad

Poster Presentation

  • Large-scale Off-target Identification Using Fast and Accurate Dual Regularized One-Class Collaborative Filtering and Its Application to Drug Repurposing - Hansaim Lim, Yuan Yao, Hanghang Tong and Lei Xie
  • IGBM: Improved Gradient Boosting Machines for large-scale gene regulatory network inference - Raghvendra Mall, Luigi Cerulo, Reda Rawi and Michele Ceccarelli
  • High-Throughput 3D Cell Image Classification Using Nuclear and Nucleolar Morphometry - Alexandr Kalinin, Ari Allyn-Feuer, Alex Ade, Gordon-Victor Fon, Walter Meixner, David Dilworth, Gen Zheng, Amy Creekmore, James Verdone, Jeffrey R. de Wet, Gerald A. Higgins, John Wiley, Robert W. Veltri, Kenneth J. Pienta, Donald S. Coffey, Brian D. Athey and Ivo D. Dinov
  • Prediction of drug-induced gene expression profiles using tensor completion - Rachel Hodos, Ping Zhang, Qiaonan Duan, Zichen Wang, Avi Ma'Ayan, Neil R. Clark, Fei Wang, Hao Chih Lee, Brian Kidd, David Sontag, Jianying Hu and Joel Dudley