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Project Name: Compass Universal Mail Client 2.80.XX

Description :  An update to the Compass Universal Mail Client. This release features many under the hood and usability improvements.

Completion Status : Complete

Support Status: Latest Version - Active Support

Date of Final Major Revision Build: July 21, 2010

Major Revision Global Release Date : August 19, 2010

New Features in Major Revision :

-2 tab support for third party email clients (ex. AOL, Zimbra)

-Bug fixes

              -(minor)- Web browser flicker workaround

              -(minor)- Fixed Gmail common control shortcuts

              -(minor)- Fixed reset settings bug

              -(minor)- Fixed problems with hotmail webpage load

              -(critical)- Fixed "Quick View" html error warning bug

              -(critical)- Fixed hotmail bug requiring user to log-in twice

    -(minor)- Fixed custom theme changer bug  (where clicking the cancel button would still apply the theme)

-Better caps lock warning system

-Intelligent Custom Email settings

-Windows Live Mail Adblocker moved to the right

-Huge performance enhancements 

-Resource activation buttons (use only needed email accounts)

-Improved load time to usable state

-Ability to use a master password 

-Better hide toolbar support (E-mail now re-sizes)

-Integrated internet options/Ability to delete cookies

-Reorganized options menu

-Improved User Interface

-New icon set 

-New splash screen

-Hovering over the "All Options" button now provides a toolbar with all available option quick links

Latest Version Minor Revision: 2.80.10

Latest Version Release Date: October 25, 2010

Minor Revision Features:

-(critical bug fix)- 

Bug fix for a loading problem users may have been experiencing when the application was set to start in the system tray.

Download Link: Available - download


Project Name: Compass Universal Mail Client 2.50.XX

Description :  An update to the Compass Universal Mail Client

Completion Status : Complete

Support Status: Old Version - No Support

Confirmed Final Release Date : February, 6, 2009

Confirmed New Features :

- Ability to minimize to the system tray

- Integrated new message creator

- Quick Preview mode

-Better security with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) indicator

-Improved performance

-Improved User interface

-Discrete auto updater

- See Through Feature (look through the app window)

Download : Not Available.  This version of the Compass Universal Mail Client has been retired, an updated version is available. Please visit the download page to download the latest version. If you desire this specific version than please contact Compass Soft support.