Wireless Flood Light

wireless flood light
    flood light
  • The illumination provided by such a light
  • (Flood lights) Any directional lighting source that floods a wide area or wall surface with light.
  • Gas-discharge lamps are a family of artificial light sources that generate light by sending an electrical discharge through an ionized gas, i.e. a plasma.
  • (Flood Lights) These are designed to throw all the light in one direction, ideal for most of your more decorative lighting techniques.
  • A large, powerful light, typically one of several used to illuminate a sports field, a stage, or the exterior of a building
  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"
  • radio: medium for communication
  • Lacking or not requiring wires
  • transmission by radio waves

New Logo for UPUG - After
New Logo for UPUG - After
I wanted something easily Recognizable. So i thought of taking something from phorography and the digital world. I spent sometime actually thinking about this one. It was hard deciding. The actual lens was a picture taken with my Canon Rebel XT shot at f16. There is still noticeable Depth of field even at these settings. Shot at ISO 100 and 1/8 sec at 40mm with my Canon EF-S 4L 17-40mm. for a tripod i used a cheap $30 one you could find at wal-mart. To reduce Shake and Get a tack shart picture. I went into my custom functions and enabled mirror lock up. When you press your shutter release button the mirror thats reflecting the light into your view finder is pulled up and lets light threw to your Sensor this case A CMOS one. This does create shake believe it or not. I was shooting at a slow shutter speed not on a very stable tripod. Turning mirror lock up ON does this: When you press your shutter button, Instead of taking the picture it moves that mirror up and then awaits for you to press the Shutter botton again. giving the camera time to stable out. When you press it again the picture is taken. On my camera if i turned the shooting mode from single to Timed it would do it all in one shot. I press once. It Locks the mirror up and waits two seconds and then takes the picture. Very handy. For lights I used a Halogen Flood light rated at 120 watts and My 580EXII Flash attached to wireless transmitters. The Lens sits on top of the lens cap and Poster paper is Put underneath to give it some reflection of light BACK up into the lens. it also gives it a nice high light on the bottom of the front element. Matthew Thain
Day 164 - You can almost see the wireless-N and the gigabits flooding out of this beauty!
Day 164 - You can almost see the wireless-N and the gigabits flooding out of this beauty!
Wow, isn't she pretty?? I received my new wifi router in the mail a few days ago, and finally got around to hooking it up today. I got a really good deal on this one. It has both wireless-N and gigabit routing capabilities, so it is a pretty sweet unit. The install went a lot better than I expected. I plugged it in, and brought up the web configuration pages and then entered in all of my various info. I set it up with using the same ssid and passwording as my old one, so that I wouldn't have to redo any passwords in existing wifi devices. After entering a few more custom configs that I use for my home network, I was good to go. As for the performance, this one has much better wifi coverage and connection speed than my old D-link router did. It also seems to be much more reliable and doesn't "drop" the connection like my old one has been doing more and more lately. Hopefully this one will last me multiple years like my old on, but only time will tell. Oh, and as an added bonus, this router has some really cool looking blue blinking lights for the network connections. It bathes our laundry/utility room with an awesome looking blue glow when all of the lights are turned off.

wireless flood light
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