Connecting laptop to wireless : Dual band wireless n pci : Shure beta 87 wireless.

Connecting Laptop To Wireless

connecting laptop to wireless
  • Link to a power or water supply
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  • a portable computer small enough to use in your lap
  • A laptop is a personal computer designed for mobile use that is small and light enough for a person to rest on their lap.
  • A microcomputer that is portable and suitable for use while traveling
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home setup
home setup
I have two home pcs plus a laptop. The "server" is a AMD 600 running Mandrake (dispite the red hat sticker). Its mainly a file sever but it also runs LAMP for my own amusement. The "games" machine is a AMD 3000 in a shuttle case. Its built in graphics of course but it doesnt look to shabby playing HL2. The laptop is a AMD64 3300 that dual boots windows and Suse. I do most of the LAMP stuff on it as I can carry it with me. Its also pretty good for playing games on and actually has a better graphics card than the games machine. Another couple of noteable points. Old Grandad is an original Macintosh I pulled out of a skip. It does work but it doesnt have a keyboard and mouse though. Another is my very nice 5.1 headphones. They are a bit heavy but you cant beat the edge you get with them in a game of COD.
wireless printing without a wireless printer
wireless printing without a wireless printer
My second computer lives here on this desk, connected to the printer and to surround sound speakers. Because I have my computers networked, it makes for wireless printing and for music sharing. So I can use that second computer as a stereo, and I can avoid unplugging my laptop to print. I simply drag whatever I'd like to print to the folder on my second computer, then print from there.

connecting laptop to wireless
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