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Compare Wireless Provider

compare wireless provider
    wireless provider
  • Wireless communication is the transfer of information over a distance without the use of enhanced electrical conductors or "wires". The distances involved may be short (a few meters as in television remote control) or long (thousands or millions of kilometers for radio communications).
  • A company providing communication services to cellphones, PDA's or wireless web modems via a wireless network.
  • Draw an analogy between one thing and (another) for the purposes of explanation or clarification
  • Estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between
  • Point out the resemblances to; liken to
  • comparison: qualities that are comparable; "no comparison between the two books"; "beyond compare"
  • be comparable; "This car does not compare with our line of Mercedes"
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the wireless generation
the wireless generation
there was a discussion this morning at work that arose from my manager not being able to mail christmas cards out to those of us under 40 (and myself) who didn't list our home mailing addresses in the staff directory. the conversation touched on various topics from information access to privacy to challenging 20th century conventions. most of the non-snail-mail subset didn't have a landline. There was a clear line drawn in the sand between people who felt it was ok to just check their messages when they got home, and those who felt disabled if they didn't have access to their cellphone. I consider myself an early adopter (i.e. gadget freak), about 2 years w/o a landline and just recently terminated my Internet service provider (clearwire sucked) to use my phone as my broadband modem. long live technology!
Novatel Wireless Selects ANADIGICS Power Amplifiers for HSPA+ Mobile Broadband USB Modems
Novatel Wireless Selects ANADIGICS Power Amplifiers for HSPA+ Mobile Broadband USB Modems
ANADIGICS, Inc. (NASDAQ: ANAD), a leading provider of innovative RF solutions for broadband wireless and wireline communications, today announced that Novatel Wireless (NASDAQ: NVTL) has selected its WCDMA/HSPA and EDGE power amplifiers (PAs) for two new wireless HSPA+ Mobile Broadband USB modems. HSPA+ is the next evolution of high-speed packet access (HSPA) wireless broadband technology, offering greater capacity for data throughput compared to current 3G networks.

compare wireless provider
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