One Net Wireless

one net wireless
  • radio: medium for communication
  • transmission by radio waves
  • Lacking or not requiring wires
  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"
    one net
  • ONE-NET is an open-source standard for wireless networking . ONE-NET was designed for low-cost, low-power (battery-operated) control networks for applications such as home automation, security & monitoring, device control, and sensor networks.

Broadmead Wireless (Bristol)
Broadmead Wireless (Bristol)
IT'S very gratifying to hear that John James, the Bristol benefactor who died in 1996 aged 89, is not forgotten. He's just been voted in by listeners as BBC Radio Bristol's local hero, ahead of Isambard Brunel, John Wesley, Hannah More, Sir George White and Paul Dirac, the brilliant Bristol University physicist. Let's not forget that he also won the Evening Post Person of the Century poll just two years ago, netting over half the total vote. A very popular man without a doubt, who gave away millions of pounds to local good causes, he's still without a fitting memorial in the city of his birth. It's about time that was rectified. John James wasn't born into wealth — far from it. He was the son of a Philip Street, Bedminster, coal miner and docker. When his father told him there was not enough money to buy a pair of football boots the boy was not happy. Reckoning that he would be able to kick better wearing boots rather than shoes he went out, picked loads of blackberries and then sold them to local housewives at three pence a pound. He soon had enough money for those boots and he had learned a valuable lesson in life. His rise started when, in 1945, he left the RAF which he had joined straight from school and where he had been a radio operator, and, putting his knowledge to good use, became a salesman in a radio shop in Regent Street, Kingswood. He worked hard, taking home just ?2.50 a week. But when his boss retired in 1946 John, using his gratuity from the RAF, took over the business. The one shop was not enough for him and by sheer hard work he built up a mini empire of stores selling, not only radios, but TVs (it was the start of the boom years) and other domestic appliances. I expect most readers remember the John James chain of shops, Broadmead Wireless, (pictured above) which offered part exchange and hire purchase rather than cash. The chain eventually grew to be 300-strong, employing 2,500 people. In 1959, when he was 53 years old ,John was offered ?6 million for the business, a fortune in those days, by the Firth Cleveland Group, which then became the largest radio and electrical retail chain in the world. He didn't just sit back and enjoy an early retirement, as many would, but used his capital to play the stock market. But cruel fate was to strike the family just five years later when one of his three beloved daughters Dawn, who was just 21, died in a road accident. John James's response to this tragedy was typical of the man. He set up a charity in her name and ploughed ?10 million into it. This massive capital yielded the money for countless thousands of Bristol pensioners to enjoy trips to the seaside and the theatre. The Bristol Old Folks Festival was the highlight of the year for many. It meant an all expenses paid trip to the Hippodrome which attracted the stars of yesterday such as Wilfred Pickles (and, of course, Mabel at the table), Sandy Powell and Gert and Daisy (Elsie and Doris Waters) who appeared alongside their brother Jack 'Dixon of Dock Green' Warner, Tommy Trinder and Arthur Askey as well as many popular local artists. The first year alone cost the charity ?12,000 but over the years the bill rose steeply to over ?90,000. In 1975, for instance, nearly 500 coaches carried more than 30,000 old folk for days out around the west, while 20,000 enjoyed the big Hippodrome show. The variety shows ended in 1980 with a last concert by Moira Anderson, but the trips continued right up until John's death when trustees then decided to call it a day and relocate the money towards the building of the new Children's Hospital. This wasn't a new venture by the trust as it had always raised money for many other causes, such as health and education, besides the old folks outings. Indeed, so much cash was being generated in the stock market boom years in the 1980s that the businessman jokingly said that there was ?1 million to give away. He agreed to match school fundraising projects pound for pound but his biggest single gift was of ?1 million to Frenchay Hospital which enabled them to buy & scanner. In 1979 John again sold his holdings. This time for ?25 million, much of which he typically gave away. Much of the help he gave people was in small ways and without any publicity, such as his donation of ?2,000 to Windmill Hill City Farm in 1976 just to get the project off the ground, and the promise of more money for them in the years ahead. His reward? Just to have a cabbage delivered to him every year grown on the very spot where his demolished family home had once stood. Every day throughout this week, BBC Points West will be featuring each one of various West Country heroes nominated by the separate BBC radio stations throughout the area. They will then make a 40-minute documentary about the overall winner, which will be shown in March. With his legacy still providing vast amounts of money for numerous good causes, such as ?1 million recently given towards the cost of the new Chil
56/365 -- One of those days...
56/365 -- One of those days...
Two of my babies came down sick today. Pentax K20D with Lensbaby Composer, double glass optic, f/8 aperture disc, 2 seconds, ISO 100. Strobist with Vivitar 285HV at 1/16 power. First flash fired with Cactus V4 wireless triggers from camera right (strobe hand held). Second flash from above camera and fired by hand (pressed the test button).

one net wireless
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