(in alphabetical order)

for any last-minute cancellations - kindly contact the conference organizers by July 27

 Howard Aldrich – University of North Carolina

Beth Bechky – University of California, Davis

Lis Clemens – University of Chicago

Marie Cornwall - Brigham Young University

Frank Dobbin – Harvard University

Teppo Felin - Brigham Young University 

Peer Fiss – University of Southern California

Joe Galaskiewicz – University of Arizona

Kieran Healy – University of Arizona

Carol Heimer – Northwestern University

Paul Hirsch – Northwestern University

Greta Hsu – University of California, Davis

Anne Huff - Technical University, Munich

Wade Jacoby - Brigham Young University

Gary Johns - Concordia University

Brayden King - Brigham Young University 

Peter Klein – University of Missouri

Curtis LeBaron - BYU/U of Michigan

Omar Lizardo – Notre Dame

Mike Lounsbury – University of Alberta

Peter Madsen - Brigham Young University

Elaine Mosakowski - University of Colorado

Siobhan O’Mahony – UC Davis

Fabio Rojas – Indiana University

Marc Schneiberg – Reed College

Dick Scott – Stanford University

Wes Sine – Cornell University

Gordon Smith - BYU Law
Sarah Soule – Cornell University
Mitchell Stevens  - New York University

Art Stinchcombe – Northwestern University

Anne Tsui – Arizona State University

Marc Ventresca – Oxford University

David Whetten - Brigham Young University