Conference Presentations

David Whetten - Introduction [ppt]

W. Richard Scott - Sources of Convergence: Forces Surpressing Organizational Differences [ppt]

Howard Aldrich - Comparing Organizations through Time and Space [ppt]

David Whetten - Envisioning Comparative Organizational Studies [ppt]

Gary Johns - Lessons from Context from Micro-Level Organizational Research [ppt]

Marc Schneiberg - Organizations, Comparison, and History: Some Notes and Provocations [ppt]

Anne Tsui - National Culture as Organizational Context in Organizational Behavior Research [ppt]

Joseph Galaskiewicz - Doing Cross-Sector Quantitative Research

Peer Fiss - Using Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) for Studying Patterns Across Organizations [pdf]

Siobhan O'Mahony - Leveraging Comparative Field Data for Theory Generation [ppt]