eurorack frames: $80 for 3u set, $160 for 6u set. no power. 104hp


new frames for euro are finally done and ready to ship. the rails are extruded aluminum and include sliding square nuts that are for m3 screws. the sides are held on by m6 low head socket bolts. this system was designed to be modular. you can hook the two 3u parts together for a 6u system and there will eventually be a third taller part to expand to 9u. there has also been some extra holes left for customization as well as potential accessories(rubber feet, bars to add mass and stability) and a power supply we are working on which can be mounted to the inside of the taller frame. for now i suggest using the 4ms power(row 30 or 40).
eit-1 for elektron gear is now available from darkplace manufacturing.